Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's talk about music.

A bit of a break from inspiring images and valuable visuals to say a couple things about music. The subject today is the soundtrack to the movie "En Education." If you like the movie or not, has absolutely nothing to do with this, so do wipe all judgment regarding the motion picture and read onwards...

This movie is set in England in 1962; London was on the verge of swinging. The Beatles and the Stones were just starting and had not released anything of substance at the moment this movie takes place, and by then England had stopped looking across the ocean for musical inspiration. In America Elvis was the sensation, Rock n' Roll, cars the size of a boat, Little Richard, the war was over and America was celebrating. England on the other side had been destroyed by the war and was looking across the English Channel for inspiration..."I want to be French" Jenny says as we are introduced to her love of all things French; Movies, Music, Food, etc. On that first scene we can see Jenny anxious to listen to her French music, and she chooses none other than
Juliette Greco.

One of the stars of the bohemian “in” crowd of post-war France. She encapsulated the disenchantment and poverty of postwar French intellectualism, dressing all in black with her long black hair hanging free, creating an Ophelia-like look as if she had just drowned.

From Lone Scherfig, director of the movie:
"We listened to hundreds of tracks that were to layer and complement the scenes and characters, catch the flavour of the period, suit each other and never overpower the innocence and simplicity of the story. We even had both Beth Rowley and Duffy inspired to produce tracks especially for the film, and Beth even performed the role in the film as nightclub singer herself"

Without further due, my present to you, the soundtrack to "An Education." Just right-click on this link and "Save link as..."

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